Digital Inscriptions

Two of the carvings on the West Front of Guildford Cathedral represent Evelyn Underhill and Bede Griffiths, both of whom are important figures to me – with an understanding of Christianity in the universal tradition (and vice versa).  I have chosen to add quotations from them in the form of virtual inscriptions on the adjoining arches.

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Exhibition of my photographic work at Guildford Cathedral, whilst working as artist in residence.  Opening Thursday 18th May, 6.15pm, with a talk about the project at 6.40.exhibition pv

BIPP Competition

This image won the ‘architectural’ category of the British Institute of Professional Photography (Midlands) print competition recently. It’s actually a composite of two crossed rectangular images, taken with a Sigma 12-24mm lens at 12mm. The tripod was set so the camera was just above the ground, and the only way to view the camera screen was with a mirror!

IMG_3574aligned cropped black



Epiphany Service

One of the objectives of my residency at Guildford was to show the Cathedral as a place of worship during its refurbishment.  Having arranged the logistics, I was permitted to work on the scaffolding, which provided an excellent set of vantage points, and which, of course, was very much part of the images.

I had to make some decisions in advance about the style and content of the photos.  The chosen option was, as with the many architectural photos I have taken there, to prioritise the effect of keeping the whole building in focus, with mostly wide angle shots.

Allowing the use of modest ISO ratings, typically 400 – 800, to keep the quality of the images high, meant the exposures were quite long, typically 1/15 to 1 sec.  The resulting images of the service, therefore, showed some movement blur which, I hope, creates a sense of action and drama.

Words and Light

On a recent visit to Guildford (8th January), I took the opportunity to photograph the tapestries which were hanging from the pulpits for the Christmas season.  Both of these presented opportunities to digitally add scriptural text to the images.  The words stay with the overarching theme of my residency, namely the Cathedral as a ‘temple of light’.

In the case of the south pulpit, a book was already illustrated on the tapestry; with the northern pulpit, ‘light’ was already indicated with a glow depicted around the Cross, so I opted to add to the carved text behind the pulpit.

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Needing to make an early start at Guildford Cathedral on Sunday morning, I stayed locally on Saturday night, at the Asperion Hotel, and was lucky enough to have this view from the window of my room.  The distance is almost exactly half a mile as the crow flies.  Canon 6D with Tamron 70-300.  30s, f11; and 25s,f14.  Took several attempts due to slight vibrations within the building shaking the tripod.


Architectural Photography Workshop images

Some pictures of people on the workshop at Guildford Cathedral last Saturday, along with images of the building by participant John Wright.

The day consisted of two sessions.  The first was an introduction to this type of photography, with hints on lighting and composition; the second was about some of the ways by which images can be manipulated and improved with some Photoshop techniques.